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Coompana and Madura Provinces - Nullarbor Project

Nullarbor Project: Copper-Gold, Copper-Nickel (Greenfields Discovery Alliance)

The Nullarbor projects represent a rare Australian first-mover opportunity and four standout regional geophysical targets have been defined for proof of concept drill tests.

Red Metal secured a number of key geophysical targets following the release of new geophysical and basement rock data by the GSWA and Geoscience Australia outlining what could be exciting new copper provinces under the Nullarbor Plain of Western Australia.

The Company has applied higher resolution infill gravity surveying on seventeen target areas during the year. Several gravity and combined gravity and magnetic targets were identified for follow-up proof of concept drill holes with notable standouts being T1, T4, T8 and T13.

The successful use of infill gravity surveying as a first pass targeting tool has encouraged the Alliance to significantly expand the joint venture tenement holding in this under explored frontier copper province.

  Oblique three dimensional view facing west showing greyscale total magnetic imagery overlain by gravity relief image derived from Red Metal’s recently collected data.  Note the standout gravity anomaly at T13 (red peaks).